Friday, February 8, 2013

Plant Good Seeds ™

Santa Cruz Farmers Market

I came up with this idea to put the mantra Plant Good Seeds on a tee shirt, and this became the first design of my yoga clothing company called, Awear Yoga. Plant Good Seeds was inspired greatly by the book called How Yoga Works, by Geshe Michael Roach.  This great book is a metaphorical novel that demonstrates "how yoga works" through the eyes of a young teacher in India. Great read for yogis wanting to learn more about the practice and purpose of yoga. 
I actually had the chance to meet Geshe December 2012 in San Francisco! He was leading a lecture on another book of his called The Diamond Cutter.  My friend Word Smith brought a shirt down to him as a gift. Geshe Micael Roach is such a humble, young soul, with the smile of a child.  So pure and gentle, so amazing to meet him....

The intention behind this tee is to remind people to plant good thoughts, word, and actions.  Each and every one of these things creates a powerful impression in our lives.  Plant Good Seeds is a positive mantra that can bring a whole new mindfulness into your life.  For every Plant Good Seeds tee sold, I will donate back to a cause for the greater good.  I have been donating to World Vision for a long time and would love suggestions of places in need.    

 Plant good seeds in your thoughts, words and actions as you move through your days.  Let this shirt be that friendly reminder in your day.  Plant good seeds Every Wear~~
The Good Food Store in Northern California

A Rest Stop Nevada

Our Seedlings~


My Friend, Sara Scheider at the Golden Temple in India.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kauai Yoga & Fitness Retreat w/ Samantha Olson Fox

"I love doing these so much. They always prove to be life inspiring and soul quenching for      everyone involved, me included!!!" ~Samantha Fox Olson

My sister Samantha Olson Fox lives on the beautiful garden island of Kauai!  She is blessed to the fullest with the constance of palm trees, ocean breeze, coconuts, papayas, sand, dolphins, fresh fruit, sounds of the waves, rainbow, mountains, clay, Earth, sea shells, plumeria, birds of paradise, oh my gosh, the list goes on...!  I Love this place!  It really is my most favorite place I've ever been too!

Samantha has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, and was a competitive gymnast growing up.  She is one of the best yoga teacher's I have taken class from, and she has even taught well named people such as Jennifer Aniston!

Here is a great opportunity to both see this magnificent island and train with the best! Bliss out on KAUAI JULY 20, 2013:

Sun, fun, soul-quenching yoga & fitness practices daily, pristine beaches to relax on, refreshing waterfalls, epic hiking, ocean play and so much more!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

How You Can Be a Positive Influence in Your Gymnasts Training

One of the most common requests that parents make concerning their child’s gymnastics program is “How can I help their training?”  While each child is different and each will require special attention in varied areas from time to time, there are some general tips that nearly any child in gymnastics can benefit from.  By practicing these four simple things, parents can help their child get the most out of their gymnastics experience and make their training as effective as possible!

Tip #1 – Support, Not Pressure!
Many times children arrive at a gymnastics lesson already quite stressed out and they have trouble focusing on their training because of this.  Tension can be because of different things going on due to life, but often some of the stress is caused by pressure placed on them to do a great job.  Because of this, one of the primary ways that a parent can help their child with gymnastics training is to give lots of support, without added pressure.  Encouraging words, smiles and cheers for accomplishments, and having a positive attitude, even when goals are not achieved, will enhance your child’s training more than you may realize.

Tip #2 – Proper Rest!
Life for many people is just plain busy.  Between school, social activities, and extracurriculars, the average household is nearly always on the go.  Despite schedules and deadlines, though, ensuring that your child has adequate rest before they arrive at gymnastics practice can greatly aid their training.  A rested child will focus better, not become frustrated as quickly, and will have the physical strength required to perform the maneuvers. 

Tip #3 – Hydration & Nutrition!
Another area that affects the success of a child’s gymnastics training is hydration and nutrition of their body.  As a parent who desires to help their child succeed, giving them the proper fuel is a key factor.  While this may seem at first glace, like a complicated task, it really doesn’t have to be.  By simply encouraging healthy eating habits, serving fresh fruits and vegetables with meals, and having water at the ready when needed, you will be doing your part to build a strong child and gymnast!

Tip #4 – Practice, Practice, Practice!
Due to a limited amount of guided gymnastics training time, your child may leave the gym feeling like they are not quite confident with new techniques or routines.  Once the safe way to perform a maneuver or do a routine is taught, though, your child should have the necessary information to continue their practice at home.  As a parent, you can help them by watching what is done at their training session, encouraging practice during free time, and then helping to perfect the moves by giving positive feedback and encouragement.

With these tips, combined with just being there in a non-judgment, open manner, your gymnast is sure to have the confidence to thrive!  Just remember, be their support system and not their coach. Be their shoulder to cry on and their ears to hear their achievements.  Enjoy in this exciting gymnastics journey together.  It really is the greatest sport of all time!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fall Then Get Back Up... (repeat)...

As gymnasts, we are taught at a very young age to get back up after a fall and keep going! As humans, it is natural to fall and get discouraged, and commonly, even to quit.
Gymnastics is a tough sport. There is definitely a lot of room to fall on a daily basis. At practice, we are even taught how to fall properly. I remember while learning a Jaeger, getting yelled at over and over because I would put my elbows under me on the big cushy mat that would catch me. I was told to purposely not re-catch the bar and fall with my arms in front of me. I remember getting so mad at my coach John Geddert and thinking, “Who does he think he is to tell me not to catch my skill and worry about a stinking fall!”
But I finally get it. Years later….
In life, we are going to fall. The fall is just symbolic of life’s waves. Recently, theMaverick’s International Surf Contesthappened in California. Twenty-four big wave surfers competed for the biggest swells. As I watched the live streamed footage from my computer, the huge 30+ foot waves coming crashing down brought chills to my skin. Some will catch the wave and ride, but some will fall. The surfers get back up though, just like us gymnasts. They become focused on the rush of the continuous waves, finding their center, and they just keep riding.
It is not always about getting those big skills that makes us the best gymnasts. A greatgymnast is one who learns how to fall. When we learn how to fall, we learn how to get back up and to face those big Maverick waves. Then the falls, the things we used to fear so much, become just another wave. We bring the same attitude to both the ups and downs.
Next time you feel like you are falling, getting discouraged about something, or feel like something is impossible, try to let that cushy mat catch you and just surrender to it. No need to clench your elbows under and try to catch yourself, just open your arms out wide and let go. It will always be a happier landing.

Gymnastics- For Strength of Body and Character

When most people think of gymnastics, strength immediately comes to their mind.  This is because the sport of gymnastics is truly one that builds strength of body, as well as strength of character in those who are actively involved with it.  From small children, to grown adults, participating in a gymnastics training program is a great way to obtain physical benefits while building your mental, emotional, and social character too.

Physical Strength:
The human body is a wonderful creation, and can be trained to do so many things!  Gymnastics will not only work to develop and strengthen important muscles, but also trains the body in the areas of balance, agility, flexibility, and coordination.  These important areas of physical development are just one reason why gymnastics is a great activity for building a strong body!

Mental Strength:
While physical conditioning and having a strong body is a key factor in participating in a gymnastics program, this sport develops the mental abilities of participants as well.  Training is given in the areas of maintaining focus, listening to and following instructions of coaches and trainers, concentration, and goal setting.  Even from a very young age, students can be taught to use their mind as a tool for accomplishing tasks and learning new skills!

Emotional Strength:
Another area that gymnastics works to build a foundation in is the emotions of the students.  From overcoming fears and doubts to building confidence and managing stress levels, it is an experience that will leave a lasting impression.  Something as simple as learning a new maneuver, for example, takes the participant on a journey of building self esteem, practicing perseverance, doing their very best, learning from mistakes, and achieving success at the end.

Social Strength:
The final area of character that gymnastics works to strengthen is in the area of social interactions.  Students learn respect for their teachers and instructors, teambuilding with their classmates, and good sportsmanship among their peers.  They will develop friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime, as well as the grace required to conquer life, whether in a winning situation or when faced with a loss.

So whether you are a parent thinking of enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity or an adult seeking a positive outlet for your athletic interests, gymnasticsis truly a great way to build strength of body and strength of character while having fun!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three Jobs and Loving Life!!!

I hear a lot of people complaining about their jobs that they can't stand.  My heart goes out to those people, especially because I don't have a job that I can't stand.  I have THREE jobs, and three jobs that I love dearly!

First, Foxy's Fitness Fashions, is my mothers gymnastics leotard company that we've owned now for almost 30 years!  Our leotards are recognized by thousands of gymnasts nation wide, and even internationally.  Foxy's can also be found at hundreds of gyms around the nation. Our style, fit, and affordability are superb.  My mother truly has perfected the fit of the most comfortable gymnastics leotard!  We make everything right here in the USA, now that's quality, Baby! We are a family of gymnasts, that love gymnastics, and believe in supporting local, and that leotards should be stylish and affordable.

Second, I own a company called, Awear Yoga.  Just as leotards grew out of the love of gymnastics, yoga clothes grew from my love of yoga.  I started making my own yoga pants when I began practicing yoga on a daily basis.  This is what I live in!  Awear yoga has grown into  a collection of tops and bottoms for men, women and children with a positive message inspired through practice and life.  The clothing is easy to move and live in.

Lastly, I also teach yoga and learn so much from doing so.  I have journals and journals from the moments yoga first found me. I love to teach as much as I love to practice.  My teaching stems from my yoga practice, gymnastics practice, and life experience.

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